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  1. Gary Spoerre said:

    Hi Evan,

    This is my time to look back on the past year… it was a busy one – work, kids, trip to Uganda, and your little house…part of me wanted to be you, starting a new journey… maybe it’s time for me to get another old motorcycle. I like this time of year – full of pondering.

    The kids are fine. Busy, and looking forward to a new year at Ondessonk. Anna of course is working on her LIT application, and Sean is hoping the fishing will be good during Father/Son… not because he likes fishing so much, he just wants to beat me for biggest fish/most fish caught. Eventually, all sons replace their fathers. Thanks for your influence in their lives these past years, you’ve provided more ballast to normalcy than you know.

    Let me know how you’re doing when you get the chance. Have a good year, my thoughts are with you.

    Gary Spoerre or

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