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Shelving in the Kitchen.

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011:

We had our first Ikea experience on our recent trip to Portland and the Oregon coast. Woah.

While there, we fell in love with some storage solutions for the Tiny House’s kitchen. We purchased and have now installed some items from their stainless steel Grundtal collection, including a dish rack/drainer, spice rack, and small stainless shelf.

What we like most about these pieces is how they take advantage of flat wall space for hanging things, creating a vertical storage solution. We think it is a great fit in the tiny house!

Interestingly, it appears that many items at Ikea are only available through in-store purchase. We had hoped to be able to order these items once home from our trip. Turned out we could not.

We did, however, discover an enterprising person who helps solve this problem for folks like us who don’t live anywhere near an Ikea store. will take your list and do your Ikea shopping for you, then ship it directly to you for a reasonable mark-up. We did pay extra for our items, but found the service fair and a good alternative to making the 6 hour drive to our nearest Ikea store.


Great Room Shelving.

Friday, October 21st, 2011:

Continuing to take a good look at how to best maximize space in the ‘Great Room’. A few walls lent themselves well to shelving, so we’ve tried out our hand at shelf-making.

While shelving is a great way to take advantage of limited but usable space we do have one unique challenge to address: Cats.

To add another layer of ‘crazy’ to this adventure we’re not just fitting two people into this tiny space, but will be bringing along two very active and curious cats.

As cat owners know, shelves -and all items on them- are fair game. So, with an open mind and some strategy, we’ve installed a set of 1X8 pine shelves in a few intentional locations. These shelves, as with many features in the place, will have multiple uses: portions will hold baskets for storage, while other portions will serve as a cat-tree system to allow our small companions autonomous access to the sleeping loft as well as a nook in the storage loft that will house a hidden ‘blanket-nest’ for when they are feeling less social.

We’re still having a blast with this project! Getting closer and closer…

Trim Work is Rewarding!

Sunday, August 7th, 2011:

Having finished up a great summer at Camp Ondessonk, we are once again able to invest more time in our Tiny House build. We’re approaching the one year mark on this project, and feel confident that we can realistically wrap up by September 25th.

From the beginning, folks said that the shell would go up quickly, but the interior detail work would be where we’d spend most of our time. Folks were right.

We were able to put in a few hours here and there over the summer addressing many of the small details, and have come to really enjoy the deliberate nature of trim work. Not many things are as satisfying as seeing corner trim tie together a wall that you built with friends…

Trim used: a LOT of 1″ corner (edge trim) and 1/2″ corner (quarter round) trim.

Many thanks to our good friends Amber Garvey, Natalie Hermanek, and Brooks Lechworth for their help in constructing the door jamb for the bathroom!

Applying the Tung Oil Finish.

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011:

Spent an afternoon working with good friends inside the tiny house applying more of the first coat of tung oil.

In keeping with the spirit of using as many natural alternatives to petroleum-based products as possible, we chose to forgo a polyurethane finish on the interior knotty pine. Gabby did some research to find a more traditional, natural wood finishing product. She quickly discovered Tung Oil, and we’ve been very pleased with it so far. There is undeniable satisfaction in taking the deliberate time to apply a natural oil finish by hand.

It took a bit of looking to find a Tung Oil product that was 100% pure, with no chemical additives. A lot of products have added solvents and thinners. Gabby was able to find this particular product online at Wood Craft.

Many thanks to T.J. Goldsberry and Patrick Beezley! We are grateful for the company and helping hands. While the Tung Oil leaves a beautiful sheen on the knotty pine, it also leaves quite a sheen on the person applying it. As tiny as the house may be, rubbing the tung oil in by hand is quite an undertaking. Many hands do make light work. Thank You!

Bathroom complete, Power ON!

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011:

Finished the last two bathroom walls, completed the electrical work, and put the sleeping loft walls up.

The aromatic Red Cedar from the bathroom is filling the tiny house with the most pleasant smell, and the lights are filling it with the most pleasant glow! Today, the electrical work is officially a wrap. We’ve learned such a great deal throughout this phase of the project and, until now, had no idea how extremely satisfying it is to flip a switch and see that somewhere a light goes on -because you wired it to do just that! My, what we’ve taken for granted before learning what it actually takes to make things work…

Officially broke ground on the next large project: The sleeping loft. The end walls are up, and we’re ready to begin building the ‘upstairs’ closets and storage areas.

Bathroom Walls.

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011:

Began putting up and insulating the bathroom walls. We are using aromatic Eastern Red Cedar for the bathroom, for the beauty and for the pleasant smell! The material is actually closet lining, but we’re adapting it for wall paneling. It has a very rough and rustic look to it, as it is not near as ‘finished’ as the knotty pine that we’ve used on the other interior walls. It looks really great!

Enclosing the Kitchen.

Sunday, January 16th, 2011:

Finished up the bookshelf/kitchen shelf/canned goods pantry today, as well as put knotty pine on the walls making up the sides of the kitchen. As more and more walls get covered, the tiny house is looking more and more like the plans we drew up a few months ago. It is incredibly rewarding to see our imagination turn into reality…

Another Kitchen Wall!

Saturday, January 15th, 2011:

Put the wall behind the stove countertop up in the tiny kitchen.

We actually ran a bit short on wool insulation, so had to order a little more. Now that the wool has arrived, we can wrap up the last of the walls!

Closets & loft storage

Thursday, December 30th, 2010:

Began putting the closets and loft storage areas together. We will have two closets in the tiny house, one immediately inside the front door, the other forms the left wall of the kitchen. We are planning to use the entry-way closet for outdoor gear storage, and the other closet for clothing. In addition to this tall closet, we will also build additional clothing storage areas in the sleeping loft. Clothing storage closets will be lined with aromatic red cedar for moth and other pest control. -And because it is beautiful and smells GREAT.

We also have a small storage area above the front door. We are not set on how this space will be utilized at this time -that will be part of the fun of figuring out the dramatic lifestyle change on the horizon!

Ceiling complete.

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010:

Completed putting up the knotty pine on the cathedral ceiling this evening. Ready to begin designing and installing the loft storage areas.

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