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Loft Closet Doors

Monday, May 16th, 2011:

Created doors for one of the ‘up stairs’ closets today giving a much more finished look and feel to the sleeping loft. Framed them with 1X2’s and covered with knotty pine paneling and pine corner trim.

Also enjoyed some wrap-up work on the plumbing project by completing the gray water drainage system as well as mounting and hooking up the 110V RV pump to the potable water storage tank and routing it into the copper water supply line.


Sleeping Loft

Saturday, April 30th, 2011:

Finished work on the sleeping loft and enjoyed our first ‘camp out’ in the Tiny House! To be honest, the sleeping area is really quite a bit more spacious than we’d imagined. At 3′ 8″ of head clearance at the peak of the roof, we’d been a bit apprehensive. Perhaps since we’ve spent so much time in the Tiny House we’re becoming accustomed to the space, but it really was comfortable and cozy up there. -That is, if you don’t take into consideration the climbing ‘crash pad’ that we put down for a temporary mattress. The thing is great for taking falls when out bouldering, but not as much fun for comfy sleeping…

The dimensions for the loft allow for a queen-size mattress. We have been sleeping on a full-size bed since getting married, and find it to be more than adequate for the comfort of two people and two cats. Given this, we’ll have some extra space on each side of the sleeping loft.

To maximize as much available storage space as possible, we’re following Jonathan’s lead and building in ‘foot lockers’ on each side of the bed. We found his blog early on in our planning phase and loved his foot locker idea.

We framed our foot lockers with 2X2’s and sheeted them with the knotty pine we’ve been using throughout the interior. We have also constructed small ‘closets’ for some clothing storage at the end of the sleeping loft. This has served two functions for us: Maximizing more storage space while closing off the sleeping loft for a touch of privacy from the ‘Great Room’.

We will be creating our full-size ‘bed’ in the sleeping loft by putting together two 3″ natural latex rubber mattress cores inside of a custom made organic cotton and wool mattress cover. Through a lot of research, Gabby found a great company, Purerest, that offers all-natural bedding products. This was important to us specifically due to the things we’d been learning about the fire-retardant chemicals found in mattresses and other furniture. Interested folks should check out these videos: Toxic Chemical Soup Part One. Toxic Chemical Soup Part Two. Dangerous Flame Retardant Chemicals. Pretty interesting stuff.

Sleeping Loft Taking Shape.

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011:

Began forming the structures that we’ve been envisioning for the sleeping loft area. Framed with 2X2’s to continue to be mindful of overall weight. Used 1X8 pine for shelves.

Most of the tiny houses we observed when originally researching this project had sleeping lofts with just enough length for a mattress. We wanted to enjoy some of the closet space we saw available in the smaller tiny houses that had just a sleeping loft and no cathedral ceiling over the ‘Great Room’. Interested in the best of both worlds, we built our sleeping loft a bit longer than the Tumbleweed plans called for. While this cut into the ‘Great Room’, the investment was worth it to have a more complete sleeping area.

We are also borrowing a great idea that we saw on another Tumbleweed Tiny House builder’s blog: small ‘foot lockers’ that run the length of the loft. We will be placing a Full size mattress in the loft, and liked the idea of building structures that will allow us to utilize the 13 to 14 inches of space left on either side of the mattress in an organized and intentional manner. These storage areas will be 77″ long on each side of the bed, 12″ deep, and 8″ high.

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