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House guests!

Saturday, August 20th, 2011:

We enjoyed a visit from some good friends and put the tiny front porch to good use.

Thanks to Brooks Lechworth, Kate Bold, Amber Garvey, Rebecca Cler, and Natalie Hermanek for stopping by!

Porch Steps!

Saturday, May 21st, 2011:

Finally got around to building steps into the tiny house. No more rickety milk crates to stumble up and down…

We opted to use treated wood for framing due to the exposed nature of the steps. Of greatest concern: the bottom of the frame would be in constant contact with the ground. While we’re not the bigest fans of treated lumber, we did want steps that would last and hold up to the elements.

The frame was built using 3 treated pre-cut stringers with a 2′ rise and treated 2X6’s. We decked the steps with cedar 2X6’s and put the entire contraption together with 3″ coated deck screws.

We were thrilled to have family stop through for a quick visit on their cross-country road trip. Many Thanks to Jason and Deirdre Traylor for the great company and helping hands. Made building steps fun!!


Weather Proofing the Deck!

What a beautiful day! Evan headed into the woods to help teach a W.E.A. Outdoor Living Skills course with SIU this morning (lucky), but I decided to take advantage of the fantastic weather and work on finishing our front deck. He is usually the voice of our blog, but I thought since he was away I would give it a try.

You could no longer tell we used cedar boards for the deck, but as I sanded the rich colors began to reappear. Next, I applied the first coat of the weather seal. I used the same stuff that we used on our siding–happened to have half a can still left–plenty for the small 4×8 deck. The seal really brought the cedar’s color alive! Once dried I will apply a second coat.

It seems we are not the only ones to decide that the tiny house might make a good home–a bird has began to build a nest on one of the shelves of the pantry! There does not appear to be any occupants as of yet, but we shall see. The bird may be getting in under the door or through the unfinished gray water pipe. I will say the birds construction went up much quicker than our own.

Deck Railing.

Sunday, December 12th, 2010:

Made great progress toward completing the front deck today. We ripped some 8′ Cedar 2×4’s down on the table saw to make 2×2’s for uprights along the deck railing. Did some quick math to ensure their exact and evenly spaced placement, then secured them to the deck framing with 2 1/2″ coated deck screws.

The weather is getting more and more challenging for outside work as we dip into the winter months in Southern Illinois. First snow storm of the season made working cold -but pretty. The high was 25 degrees, and the wind was biting and relentless. A few gusts were so strong they blew the box of screws over (more than once), scattering them into the snow! We put up a tarp shelter to block some of the wind and to keep snow off the saw which worked fairly well, though at times we thought it might rip to shreds the wind was so fierce!

The deck will be one of the last few outside projects as we work more and more on the interior details. Great timing!

Deck Railing Framed

Saturday December 4th, 2010:

Began framing the deck railing… Using cedar 2×4’s secured with 3″ coated deck screws.

Weather turning colder and colder and the wind just absolutely hammered us today. Made for slower progress than anticipated but did encourage lots of coffee breaks!

Continued work on the knotty pine in the front storage loft when our hands and cheeks got too numb.

Sunday, November 7th: Siding the Front Loft Gable and Starting the Caulking Project…

Today Gabby put the Cedar siding up on the front loft gable while I began caulking the other end of the tiny house. We wrapped up the day by painting the weather treatment on the siding and the rest of the porch.

Before we shut down for the night, The Electrician-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named stopped by and hooked up the five circuits we wired the other evening to the breaker box. We are setting the tiny house up to run on a 110 volt, 30 amp system -allowing us to be able to plug into either a camp ground or just an extension cord running from a friend’s house.

Thanks anonymous electrician friend!

Saturday, November 7th: Prepping the Front Loft Gable for Siding

Lots of prep work to get the front loft gable ready for siding…

First, we placed a strip of galvanized tin flashing between the wall and porch roof to keep rain from running down the front of the house. Next we placed some 2×4 blocking inside the gable end to create solid places for the siding nails to bite into. Once the blocking was in place, we cut and placed some thin luan plywood to create a small air space between the siding and the wall sheathing. Once that was in place, we put up the 1×4 cedar trim. NOW we’re ready for siding!

Another project that’s been on the list was furring out the interior loft gable walls. Until today they were just the thickness of the 2×4 rafters -on end (so 1 1/2″ thick). We need these walls to be 3 1/2″ thick, like the rest of the walls, to allow enough space for the wool insulation to do it’s job. So, we got creative and furred them out by placing a strip of 1/2″ plywood on the existing 2×4’s, and then a second layer of 2×4 on that, creating a 3 1/2″ thick ‘sandwich’. Creative, but more importantly, it worked.

Thanks goes out to Jim Shively, who is helping us arrange for a custom built front door!

Sunday, October 31: Porch Roof!

Put the roof on the porch today!

We fortified the Cedar rafters with hurricane clips and metal brackets to help the roof withstand forces that traveling down the highway may place on it. The roof sheathing is 1/2″ plywood fastened down with 2″ deck screws, topped off with tar paper and the galvanized roof metal we used on the rest of the tiny house. We put up galvanized drip edge to keep things dry, and utilized some left over cedar siding scrap to trim the roof out.

Thanks to Emily Steinhauer and Andy Heck for their help sanding the porch and for the great company!

(Oh, and Happy Halloween!)

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