Beginning a journey to live more simply…

Progress to date.

Visit this page every now and then, as we document the big-picture progress here.

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  1. Tom Baunsgard said:

    Evan & Gabby,
    How are going to address the Fire Carbon Monoxide and Propane issues in that small space? Have you thought about escapement from the loft area as well? Perhaps a sunroof that doubles as a escape hatch like on buses?

    I applaud you efforts and look forward to the finished home:)

    Fish On!

    • Hi Tom,

      Good questions! We have utilized the Dickinson Marine boat heater the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company suggested, and it actually both pulls air in from the outside and vents fumes out. Hopefully this works well and does not fill our tiny space with harmful fumes… We have installed a smoke/carbon monoxide detector as a warning system, as well as have a fire extinguisher in side. The insulation we used is sheep’s wool that has been treated with a borax coating for natural fire retardation. We tested several pieces out of curiosity, and to our delight what did eventually combust did not propagate, but snuffed itself right out. That is hopeful. Regarding the last piece. This is an area that some thinking is needed. I feel like we can squeeze out of the loft window. I’m considering placing a ladder outside of it down to the tongue of the trailer. We would have LOVED a skylight, but opted not to place one at the time due to cost and leaking issues. Maybe some thing like that could eventually be retrofitted? I do like the aspect of a skylight that opens to serve as an escape route…

  2. mike vincent said:

    cool site

  3. I have really enjoyed following your blog and your efforts in detailing your progress. I was interested in the specs on your trailer since Heartland’s website only lists upto 18 feet trailers and I believe you indicated your trailer was like 20 feet. My home town is Sikeston even though I’ve been away for longer than I care to say. I was through the area this past weekend which raised additional interest in researching your trailer.

    Again thanks for your efforts and allowing me to following along.


    • Hi Alan, thanks for your question. Our trailer is, indeed, 20′ in length. Otherwise, it is a standard 10,000lb double axle car-hauler, no dove-tail. We had Heartland custom-build it with no metal above the deck, and without placing most of the decking. They are great folks and we cannot recommend them highly enough. Glad to hear you got a chance to get back to Sikeston for a visit!

      Evan & Gabby

  4. Hi Gabby and Evan!
    Now that you are settled into your home have you discovered things you wish you did differently? I’m always changing my floor plan to incorporate this or eliminate that making my head spin worrying if after all is said and done I will wish certain things were different. I try to keep in mind what my goal is and what my needs are, but I fear overlooking things. Sadly, I have a mild case of OCD so when things aren’t “right” I obsess over them! Lol I would love to hear more about these type of issues you may have encountered.
    Thank you.

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