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The Move.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012:

One of the many things that attracted us as we considered building a Tiny House was the concept that we’d always have our home, no matter where our lives may take us. We said goodbyes to our Southern Illinois community and the many dear friends who helped make our dream possible and hitched our tiny house up to a 14′ one-ton U-Haul to pursue a Ph.D. and a new job coordinating a university outdoor program.

At 7,800 pounds, the tiny house was quite a load, but hauled smooth and steady. Aside from keeping the speed between 55 and 60mph, after a while it was hard to tell it was even there.

Our first experience of having a house that goes where we go came as we pulled into a rest stop for the night, about half way to our goal. We parked the U-Haul and crawled straight into the loft. While others slept in their vehicles, we were right at home.

This entire experience has been incredibly educational and paradigm changing. An example of the drastic adjustment in our lives became clear as we realized how empty the U-Haul box still looked once we’d finished loading all of our things. We had filled only a small portion of the front of the 14′ box, only 1 layer of packing boxes deep.

To put this in perspective, I had moved to Southern Illinois exactly 10 years prior and had completely filled a 24′ U-Haul with just one person’s stuff.

A satisfying moment of clarity, to say the least.


Comments on: "The Move." (13)

  1. Wow! So exciting, you two. Question: are your trailer jacks welded on to the bottom of your trailer or is the trailer just sitting on them (in that final shot of the video?).

    Also- why such sad/intense music in the video?

  2. Congtratulations on your move and your next steps in your life. I’ve enjoyed following your blog and hope you update it from time to time.

  3. Barbara Baker said:

    Have fun on your moving journey. Keep in touch. Barb

  4. Congratulations to both of you! What a fantastic accomplishment! Best wishes for happiness on the next steps of your life’s journey.

  5. Hi Guys, glad that the move went well, but… as a Tiny Houser myself, what I cannot understand is what was in the uhaul and where you are going to put it when you get there?

    • Great question! We’re proud to report that the answer is: not much.

      We utilized the UHaul for towing purposes mostly, as we do not own a truck. We barley filled 2/3 of just the floor of the smallest box size available while still getting a truck with a 1-ton towing capacity.

  6. Hello Evan & Gabby,

    I have built a tiny home myself and am trying to figure out the best method to pull it. I see you used a UHaul, my problem is that my trailer has electric brakes but UHaul trucks do not have a electric brake controller. So, did you not have any brakes on the trailer while towing? Or did you find a truck with electric brakes? UHaul has stated they only use surge type trailers and therefore they have no need for electric brake hookups.

    • Hi Walter, that is a great question. We noticed that there was no manual trailer break control box in the UHaul cab, but did not realize that this meant no trailer breaks at all! That just simply did not occur to us. A bit obvious now that you point it out, however.

      While we may not have been able to take advantage of our trailer’s electric brakes, we had no trouble breaking the UHaul while towing the tiny house whatsoever. Didn’t even notice it was back there it towed so well.

      Thanks for pointing this out, and best of luck with your towing.

      Evan & Gabby

  7. Sarah Dufton said:

    I am still not clear as to what sort of land situation you found. Is it owned or leased land? Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah,

      We are currently renting a slot in a large and quiet RV park. This meets our needs for the immediate future. We’d like to one day place our tiny home on land that we own. For now, we are enjoying our neighbors, and have found that the RVing community is already several steps ahead of us in regards to tiny and simple living. Pretty neat to be exposed to this subculture for a while.

      Evan & Gabby

  8. When you hauled your tiny house, what kind of gas mileage did you get on the Uhaul? We are going to be moving ours from Arizona to Oregon and are trying to figure out what our budget will look like. Your house looks great!

    • We really should have documented this part of our move better, but did not keep track of this important detail! We were so focused on how scary it was going to be to actually drive something we’d spent so much time and love on, that we simply neglected to document. Sorry not to be of much help here.

      Best of luck on your move! We fantasize about moving our tiny home to Oregon one day as well!

      Evan & Gabby

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