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Ultra Low-flow Shower Head.

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011:

In the spirit of going small and becoming more intentional regarding the amounts of space and resources we consume, we installed a Bricor Ultra Max .55 gallon per minute ultra low-flow shower head. This specialty piece was pricey, for sure, but something that we really wanted to include in our home.

While we will be able to be very conservative in our water consumption, we are not entirely motivated by altruism- our water heater only holds 7 gallons of water…

Many, many heart-felt thanks to Danno Frierdich and Kyle Klues. They showed up on day one of this project, and it was so very fitting that they wrapped up the very last day with us… Not to mention the countless days they’ve driven over 3 hours each way to help out throughout. You guys made this dream possible for us!


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