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Friday, October 28th, 2011:

Trimmed out the entry closet and put up a closet bar for hanging coats and other clothing. This closet will serve as our ‘mud room’ of sorts. We’ll keep our cleaning tools, outer wear, and other such things in this space. Directly below the closet is a small cubby that houses the cat’s litter box.

One of the many selling points when considering this project was Jay Shafer’s comment about not having a lot of house to clean. A simple brush and dust pan will serve us well on a daily basis.

For deeper cleaning, we did want to have a vacuum available. However, given that the house is such a small space, we quickly realized that using and stowing a normal size vacuum was not realistic.

We’ve used various things like dust busters and sharks in the past, and have found them useful for a localized messes, but we weren’t as confident about relying on them for an entire cleaning project.

After a bit of on-line research, we found a very simple, yet powerful hand-held vacuum: The Dyson DC35.

As a hand-held vacuum, it is small enough to stow away in the back of the entry closet, but really is powerful enough to suck up everything we’ve used it for so far, including construction debris. To be honest, it is a bit shocking how well it works. One really does expect only so much from a hand-held vacuum. This little thing defies stereotype. We feel it is the perfect solution for our tiny place.


Comments on: "Entry closet / “Mud Room”." (2)

  1. Alex Pino said:

    Great choice! I grew up seeing my mom go through so many vacuums that the first one I bought was a Dyson back in 2006/2007. I still have it and it still works amazing. Mines just one of those big ones 😀

  2. Marzena Smolinska said:

    Hi Guys,
    I found your blog on and have been reading it the whole weekend and can not wait for more!
    It’s been a long time since October, so I wonder when you’ll post something new about your the most lovely tiny home.

    Best wishes from all the way across the globe!

    (Warsaw, Poland)

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