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A Registered RV.

Friday, October 14th, 2011:

It’s official.

Now that we have the required systems in place to ‘count’ as a custom built RV, we were able to take the car-hauler trailer title down to the local Secretary of State’s office and register our tiny house as a recreational vehicle in the State of Illinois. We had to prove that we had a water supply, an electrical supply, a stove, and toilet. No problems there.

Now, as a road legal R.V., we can move it on the highway and use it in a camp ground and beyond!

Comments on: "A Registered RV." (6)

  1. Great news you guys. Blessings on your new little place. Barb

  2. Tracy Beckham Phipps said:

    Congratulations Guys! I was so excited to see the Tiny House (and you two) in person last weekend. Can’t wait to see pictures of your first adventure!

  3. Congratulations Evan and Gabby!! I have been watching your little house take shape and wanted to say that you inspire me. Best of luck wherever your life’s journey takes you. Enjoy your beautiful little home.

  4. Rob Childers said:

    Thats crazy you had to prove all those things about the house… When I re-registered the old bus in Wisconsin, all I had to prove was that it was no longer the color yellow. Then BAM! sudden RV… Congrats my friends!

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