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Friday, October 7th, 2011:

With quite a bit of trepidation, we finally mustered the courage to run water through the copper lines for a pressure test of all joints and fittings.

Being as this was our first stab at sweating copper pipe, visions of pin-hole leaks and bursting explosions of water have been plaguing our sleep for months. No better way to jump in than with both feet, though, so we hooked a hose up to the external water inlet, opened up the sink and shower fixtures, and slowly cranked open the freeze-proof faucet.

Turns out, we’ve had a good bit of beginners luck: NO LEAKS!
We’re both sleeping a bit easier now…

We purchased an RV-specific potable water hose from Kamper’s Supply to run from the water source. We’ve also included an in-line filter just before the water enters the house as a pre-screening component to keep our water lines and water heater a bit more clean and free of debris.

Another neat little addition is the use of a ‘hose saver’. This little brass fitting is shaped in a 90 degree bend to allow the hose to hang perpendicular to the side of the house keeping it from kinking. Clever contraption.

The water inlet allows us to screw a hose directly into the side of the house and incorporates both a pressure regulator as well as a check valve. This then connects directly into our copper water line system to feed our sink, water heater and shower. Gray water will drain out into 30 gal. portable waste water tanks.

Many thanks to Mike Jennings, Camp Ondessonk’s Ranger, for walking us through the pressure test and helping us look for leaks!


Comments on: "Pressure Testing the Water Lines." (2)

  1. Hey, you got your washer/dryer! I’m curious to see how well it does for you. Most on-line reviews I’ve seen say they do well, but with small loads. That and to not expect too much from the dryer function, especially with Jeans and other heavy things.

    Congrats on the plumbing job! Leacks can be a royal pain to patch up after you’ve put water into the system the first time!

    • Thanks Mitch, we’ve seen many reviews that seem to agree with your findings as well. Time will tell if this unit will be a good fit for our needs.

      Evan & Gabby

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