Beginning a journey to live more simply…

A comfortable couch.

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011:

The couch/storage ensamble is becoming a more welcoming place for spending time with friends and loved ones.

We’ve taken delivery of a twin-size Bella Sera Mattress Topper from The Natural Sleep Store and will be using it to form the seat and couch back. The topper consists of a 2″ thick core of firm natural latex rubber protected by an organic cotton and organic wool zippered cover.

This setup has made for a very comfortable space in the Great Room. When needed, the couch will also be able to transform into a twin size bed. Versatile and practical, we’re pleased with how this particular project has turned out.

Now to work out some form of a removable protective cover to keep that cotton/wool cover white for a while…

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  1. Hey guys! Its been a while since I checked in. We found a room out in the country for $200 a month and kind of scrapped the tiny house idea for a while. Fun to catch up a little on what you’re doing. Looking forward to your move in!

  2. Nice, could you tell me the length of the cushion ?

  3. A mattress topper, what a great idea for a couch! We’re finding we really need some sort of seating area instead of watching all of our movies in bed. Once we get the murphy bed thing handled, I think a couch is our next step. Nice work!

  4. Kim Ralston said:

    Hi! My name is Kim Ralston and I found your blog through Jay’s site. I love your blog and I hope to one day own my own tiny house. I have a suggestion for you pertaining to your new twin bed/sofa. I worked for many years at a linen’s store and I believe the perfect soultion for you would be a twin duvet cover. It will help protect your mattress topper, and they come in many beautiful patterns. The best thing about a duvet cover is that it can be washed. And if you know some one who sews then you can have one that’s personal to you taste and style. Just a thought. I’m so excited to see the house when it’s finished and I hope you guys continue to blog even after it’s done. Cheers!

    • GREAT suggestion Kim, thanks! Gabby was just looking up duvet covers on line as I read your comment aloud to her. Meanwhile, I had to ask her what a duvet cover even was. Today is the very first time I’ve heard of such a thing. From her description, and your suggestion, it looks like we may have found a much better solution than the twin sized fitted sheet that is on it now… She’s wondering if a twin sized duvet will fit the mattress, or if it would be a touch too big… We’re looking into it more.

      Thanks so much!

      Best to you as you move closer to tiny house ownership,
      Evan & Gabby

  5. I love it! Simplicity is elegance.

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