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Breakfast with Jay.

Saturday, September 17th, 2011:

We were fortunate to be traveling through Portland for a vacation on the Oregon Coast the same weekend that Jay Shafer and the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company was hosting a Tiny House Workshop in town. Feeling the coincidence was far too great to pass up, we decided to send an email to the Tumbleweed folks inquiring if Jay would be available to meet for breakfast before the event got started up. We wanted an opportunity to thank him in person for the incredible experience we’ve had building our tiny home with family and friends.

Jay got back to us and agreed to meet. We had an enjoyable conversation about tiny houses and simplifying one’s life over some Stump Town coffee and bagels. Afterwards, we were invited to join the beginning of the workshop to share a bit about our Tumbleweed experience. What a great addition to our trip!

We left Portland to continue our travels glad to know that this company is made up of real and genuine people, not just handsome faces on TV.

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Comments on: "Breakfast with Jay." (2)

  1. Wow, super awesome you guys. What a treat!

    • Thanks ‘Manda! A treat, indeed.

      It was really nice to learn that Jay is not just an image behind a company. Sitting down with him for a moment over coffee revealed a very genuine and real person, who truly believes in what he is doing. We are now more behind the Tumbleweed folks than ever before. They truly are a great small business, in it for the right reasons.

      Thanks for staying in touch,

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