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Sunday, September 11th, 2011:

Realized our visualization of the ‘Great Room’ desk and dining table this afternoon.

We wanted to create an area that was substantial enough for us to sit comfortably and work or share a meal, but would not eat up too much floor space or make the room feel smaller. One side of the desk is supported by a closet wall, the other by an angled brace. The brace gives the desk more of a ‘floating’ effect and does not intrude too much into the open feel of the Great Room.

The desk measures 48″ wide X 21 3/4″ deep X 29″ high and was constructed with 2X2 framing and 1X8 pine decking.

Huge Thanks to Robert and Hunter Coulson! It was great working with you guys today.

Comments on: "Desk/Table." (4)

  1. Wow you guys should publish your lay out love it thanks for sharing. I believe there is a how to book in here somewhere. I will be starting my Tarlton this spring. Noel

  2. I would love to see a picture of the couch/cubbies and desk after tung oil and trim.

    Michele Dawson C., Joshua, TX

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