Beginning a journey to live more simply…

Friday, September 2nd, 2011:

Our vision for the ‘Great Room’ includes a bench seat/storage bin on one side and a built-in desk and shelves on the other. One half of that vision is now complete.

Some of the aspects we appreciate most about this project are the challenges to maximize limited space and to find multiple uses for things. One thing that really caught our eye when considering taking on this project was the similarities between living well in a tiny house and one of the general principles of backpacking: take only what is truly needed, and those things should have multiple uses.

Living simply -and intentionally- while on a backcountry trip is one of the aspects that makes such trips so gratifying. It was definitely a draw for us to be able to take this backcountry concept into the indoors…

With this in mind, we wanted to design our couch/bench seat to serve multiple purposes. It would need to be a very comfortable and inviting place to spend time, as it would be our only real sitting area inside. As well, the couch should serve as a storage solution as it is taking up so much of the limited real-estate in the Great Room. Lastly, we wanted it to be able to convert into a spare sleeping space.

We constructed the frame for the seating area out of 2X2’s and 2X6’s with 2 1/2″ screws. We dressed it with knotty pine, and decked it with 1/2″ plywood. Dimensions are 17 1/2″ high (at the seat) X 19 1/2″ deep X 75″ long. The back of the seating area rises another 19″ high. To determine how high to make the seat, we measured the hight of one of our existing kitchen chairs, and made it long and deep enough for a twin-sized mattress.

Thanks to Kyle and Emma Klues for helping us wrap up this project!

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