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Trim Work is Rewarding!

Sunday, August 7th, 2011:

Having finished up a great summer at Camp Ondessonk, we are once again able to invest more time in our Tiny House build. We’re approaching the one year mark on this project, and feel confident that we can realistically wrap up by September 25th.

From the beginning, folks said that the shell would go up quickly, but the interior detail work would be where we’d spend most of our time. Folks were right.

We were able to put in a few hours here and there over the summer addressing many of the small details, and have come to really enjoy the deliberate nature of trim work. Not many things are as satisfying as seeing corner trim tie together a wall that you built with friends…

Trim used: a LOT of 1″ corner (edge trim) and 1/2″ corner (quarter round) trim.

Many thanks to our good friends Amber Garvey, Natalie Hermanek, and Brooks Lechworth for their help in constructing the door jamb for the bathroom!

Comments on: "Trim Work is Rewarding!" (3)

  1. What is that Christmas present? I can’t tell what it is from the picture.

    I’m looking forward to building my own tiny house, and I plan on incorporating a lot of the improvements you have made. Thank you SO much for this blog!

    • You’re so very welcome! Thanks for keeping up with our project.

      Gabby gave me a wooden ‘hang board’ to replace my plastic one (as she’s working very diligently to remove as much plastic from our daily lives as possible). The hang board is used for conditioning arms, fingers and shoulders for rock climbing. We have agreed to do one pull up every time we walk to the kitchen and/or bathroom. Time to get back in shape!

      Evan & Gabby

      • Sweet…I’ve never seen one of those. Yeah, I’ve been following your blog for about 6 months now. I hope other people know about it, because it can be very beneficial to the Tiny House community.

        We hope to start our own Tiny House in 2012. For now, we’re working on getting rid of “stuff” and living as simple and energy efficient as possible in a small apartment…and loving it!

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