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Gray Water Discharge.

Monday, July 25th, 2011:

Began addressing our Gray Water Discharge by running a couple exterior lines.

We used 1 1/2″ PVC to drain the sink and ‘clothes processor’ (our German-made all-in-one washer/dryer combo) that then couples into black ABS pipe once leaving the interior of the kitchen. This system drains down to an RV shut-off valve -purchased at Kampers Supply– which will then drain into a portable 30 gal. RV wastewater tank. We tend to use very eco-conscious soap for dishes/laundry, so we do envision being able to put our gray water directly onto a garden at one point down the road, but in the mean time a portable disposal tank will meet our needs.

Our shower drains out 1 1/2″ PVC, and will have it’s own portable 30 gal. RV tank as well.

We hope to cover all needs/regulations regarding our gray water discharge, and be prepared for any situation we may find ourselves in regardless of where we end up parking. This is the point where we are feeling very grateful that we chose not to deal with black water discharge! -Though the composting toilet has yet to be tested…

Comments on: "Gray Water Discharge." (4)

  1. What do you plan to do with the grey water held in the RV tank? I’m interested in the final disposition and if any treatment or transportation will be necessary.

    • Hi Bear,

      At this point, we are envisioning dumping it into the proper dumping station if we are living in a camp ground-type facility. Otherwise, we’ll dump down a drain if living at a friend’s backyard. We could also sync into a septic system. It really all depends on where we end up once we set sail on our adventure. Eventually, we’d like to have some raised bed garden boxes, and will be able to put the gray water right on them to both hydrate and fertilize our food plants. We tend to use only natural/biodegradable soap for dishes/cleaning/bathing.

      We’ll see!

      Thanks for the question,
      Evan & Gabby

  2. What do you guys do about the grey water and freezing weather in the winter? You are in Illinois right? I’m planning one of these in the Northeast. The house looks absolutely amazing by the way.

    • Hi Tory, thanks for the compliment!

      We were concerned about freezing as well. Our initial plan was to get a large, portable RV waste water tank that we could simply drain straight down into. If the grey water inside froze, new water would simply pour on top of the ice. When full, wrap in heat tape to thaw? Was going to problem solve as it came up, but we’ve since moved to Texas and that particular challenge has been put on the back burner.

      Any suggested solutions that you’ve come up with or have found that you could share?

      Thanks for getting in touch,
      Evan & Gabby

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