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Wednesday, July 13th, 2011.

Sorting out options for laundry has been an interesting side-note in making our tiny house a reality. Its one of the aspects of a home many likely take for granted. One thing that stood out in our decision making process: we did not want to rely on driving to a laundromat every time we needed to do our wash.

There were a few parameters that we needed to stay within to have laundry capabilities. With the house being an exercise in maximizing limited space, we would need something very small. Even the stackable apartment units would be too extravagant for this space. We’d also need to stay within the limits of our 30amp electrical system.

We spent a lot of time searching for the right product online and discovered a niche in the laundry world that we never knew existed- washer/dryer combo units that utilized the same drum from both washing and drying. We found varying size/capacity ranges within this product set, with many brands represented.

Reviews by folks who’ve used these units were mixed, and seemed to vary to great degree by brand. Pros discussed were the substantial savings on energy and, of course, space. Many users reported that these units wash great but the drying capabilities leave a bit to be desired. Common complaints were excessively long drying times (6 hours reported by some!) as well as clothes that just never came out dry. The damp clothes required hanging to dry completely. This could lead a reasonable person to just buy a washing machine.

After a good bit of research we set our sights on an LG 13lb combo unit. It would plug right in to our 110V system and had reasonable dimensions at 25″W X 33 1/2″H X 25″ D. The price tag was a bit steep, however, at about $1,500.00.

We knew this was the product we wanted to go with, so we built our kitchen counter, electrical layout, and plumbing to accomodate.

Due to the hefty price tag, however, we were content to leave a hole where the combo unit would end up until we had an extra 15 hundred bucks laying around.

And then Gabby’s Stepmother, Nini, mentioned that she knew of someone interested in selling a very similar product. Turns out Nini’s brother had been using a high quality German-made model for the past 20 years and was ready to upgrade to a larger system. Everything was still in good working condition, and if we wanted it, he’d give it to us for our tiny house for FREE! Of course we were thrilled, and gratefully accepted.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to Richard Binkley for this generous gift! We are touched and so very grateful!

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  1. Great to hear! You guys are the first I’ve heard of to care about this aspect—but one my husband and I care very much for and thought it wasn’t an option. Inspirational once again! Thanks!

    • Fantastic Lisa! There are some really good options out there that would be a good fit for such a limited space. Good luck!

      Evan & Gabby

  2. What a fantastic gift! You’re truely blessed with such loving friends and family.

    To be honest, I read a lot on tiny homes and I believe you’re the first to even attempt to have a unit in you place. The few that even try ended up with small manual units such as this Only a few considered the us common stacked set, but as far as I knew, all have passed it on. I knew combined units existed, but I never heard any of the good reviews. You’ll have to let us know how well it works out for you.

    • Hi Grant,

      We agree, we are so very blessed! It’s been pretty humbling to see how many folks have gotten behind this project with us to offer help, insight, and support.

      We had noticed a couple folks who went the route of the manual units, and found that pretty intriguing, but ultimately decided that we would try out a quality combo unit. We’ll be sure to post how it ends up working for us and fitting into our new lifestyle down the road…

  3. Hi Gabby & Evan,

    First, thank you soooo much for your blog. My husband and I will be starting on our tiny house next summer and the research you have done has already helped us out as we plan our home.

    Could you tell me the exact width of your loft? My husband I were given a VERY nice king size bed as a gift and REALLY want to make it fit.


    • Hi Erin, you’re welcome!

      Glad to hear that you guys are starting to plan your project -such an exciting time for sure! The loft in our Tarleton is about 80″ wide. The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company suggests that the loft will be wide enough for a Queen Size bed I believe. We decided to stay with the Full Size bed that we are used to sleeping on so we could install some ‘foot locker’ type storage areas on either side of the loft running front to back. Trying to maximize as much storage space as possible.

      Good luck with your project, we are excited for you!

      Evan & Gabby

  4. Amy Davis said:

    Have you tried the washer/dryer yet? I would love to know your opinion.

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