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Stove heat shield.

Monday, July 11th, 2011:

We installed one of the last components in our cooking area today: a stainless steel splash guard and heat shield.

Our friend Eddie Cler, of Paul’s Machine and Weld, designed and built this small piece to fit in behind our two-burner propane stove.

Our motivation for this addition is two-fold-

First, we felt that the burners of the stove were awfully close to the knotty pine wall and we worried about the potential fire hazard.

Second, we intend to cook. A lot. There are many pasta dishes in our tiny future, and the thought of scrubbing tomato sauce (splatter is inevitable!) off of walls so carefully constructed makes us cringe a bit.

With the stainless steel guard in place, we were able to finish the counter and window trim, leading us closer and closer to a finished kitchen!

Our continuous appreciation and thanks go out to Eddie Cler for all of the help and support throughout this project!

Comments on: "Stove heat shield." (2)

  1. It may be that this has already been accounted for, but could heat from cooking retained by the steel actually do more damage to the wood, ie. with expansion and subsequent contraction many times over during the changing seasons?

    • That is a good question, and quite possibly a very good point. We do not know the answer, but may be finding out over time and will document what we learn!

      Thanks for sharing,
      Evan & Gabby

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