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Starting on the floor.

Monday, June 27th, 2011:

Began the installation of our Cork floor. It ended up being much more simple and intuitive than we’d anticipated. Granted, it is a fairly tiny space to cover, but most of the floor went in with just a few hours of dedicated work.

We are still very pleased with our decision to use cork, and the product from Bare Naked Cork Flooring is really quite beautiful. This will be a floating floor, meaning we did not tack or glue the cork down. Instead, it sits as-is on the plywood subfloor and can move a bit on its own as it expands and contracts. To accomodate for this natural movement, we left a 1/4″ gap between the floor and walls/cabinets. This should help prevent any buckling of the floor over time.


Comments on: "Starting on the floor." (11)

  1. This looks fantastic! And, it is encouraging to hear that the floor installation went smoothly. While we are not doing cork, our floor is our next big project so I am encouraged to read your account.

    • Thank you Laura. We can certainly relate to what you might be feeling, as we were pretty intimidated by the thought of starting the flooring project. But, as with most of the steps we’ve taken along the way with this project, once you dig into them, they are really much more doable than first anticipated.

      Take a deep breath and jump right in with both feet! We kept reminding ourselves that people have been doing these things for a long, long time. We just had to believe that we could too. Turns out we were right.

      Good luck,
      Evan & Gabby

  2. It is beautiful looking!!! You two and your friends have done an awesome job building your little home! Thanks for the inspiration to do it myself!

  3. Amanda Brott said:

    Just absolutely stunning, guys. Miss your sweet faces.

  4. Evan and Gabby,
    Beautiful floor.Is this cork like bulletin board cork-porous and cushy? Will it have a protective finish?
    Thanks again for this blog.

    • Hi Steve,

      You know, those are the exact same questions I had for Gabby when she first suggested Cork. As with every step of the way I’ve initially thought she was nuts. Then, the more I learned about her ideas, the more and more I find that she is really onto some good things. The cork used in flooring is nothing at all like the cork in cork boards, but much more sturdy and solid. It does still have a slight give to it that makes a floor feel softer under foot than a hardwood floor, but it is barely noticeable. Most cork flooring does have a protective finish, depending on the brand will depend on the product used. It seems to be some really great stuff!

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Evan & Gabby

  5. I wrote you guys a few weeks back asking about where you intend to finally live with your tiny house. I’ve been keeping up with all of your posts and I read them with delight… keep up the good work!

    This comment pertains to books you’ve purchased to help you learn how to do all of the internal work (plumbing, electricity, etc), and the external work as well (framing, roofing, etc). Do you have any suggestions for books that helped you learn how to perform the multitude of new skills you must have recently learned? Or maybe friends and family have aided you? How did you figure out how to put everything together? I am a fan of teach-your-self so I am wondering if that’s what you’ve done. Thanks!

    • Hi Josh, thanks for getting in touch. Generally, when getting into a new thing, we love to grab up good books to learn from.

      To be honest, the only book we actually got for this project was Jay Shafer’s ‘The Small House Book’. It is available on the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company website. Other than that, we have been very blessed to have, and have relied very heavily upon, the knowledge and expertise of friends and family who have been an integral part of this project.

      We’ve learned SO very much through the teaching of others and through direct experience with this project. It has been wonderful…

      Evan & Gabby

  6. Hello! I started reading your blog a few weeks back because I’ve fallen in love with the idea of living in a tiny house. 🙂

    I wanted to know: what’s the reason for doing the floating floor?


    • Hi Joanna,

      To be completely honest- it is because that is the type of floor that the brand of flooring we decided upon sent us! We’ve since been informed of some flooring material’s tendency to expand and contract leading to potential buckling over time. Perhaps this is why so many flooring options take advantage of the ‘floating’ approach? There may be other folks out there reading this that could answer your question more directly…

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Evan & Gabby

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