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Tuesday, June 21st, 2011:

Spent a few free minutes applying the second coat of Tung Oil in the ‘Great Room’. We would like about 3 coats on the knotty pine to finish the walls. The first coat soaked right in very quickly. This second coat took quite a bit more time to absorb and dry.

We are really enjoying the choice to go with this traditional, natural wood finish as opposed to utilizing more common products like polyurethane. There are some great strategies out there when you are able to take the time to explore how folks did it back in the day…

Comments on: "Another round of Tung Oil." (3)

  1. Great idea, while the house is free of stuff. When will you move in? Please post pictures with furniture, can’t wait to start mine. Are you still planning on posting the floor plans? I can’t decide between the 130 sq feet of the Fencel or the Chariming smaller Tarlton. Have fun moving in. You still should write a book about this experience. Noel

  2. The really nice thing about Tung Oil (aside from the durability) is that @ any time in the future, if you get the urge, you can go over it again without any special preparation. I used Tung Oil on a unfinished table & chairs that I assembled almost 30 years ago & have used daily since. They still look very good. Much better then varnish or poly would have held up to the use they have received

    • That’s fantastic! It’s amazing how good some of the ‘old’ technology is compared to what’s hot and ‘new’…

      Thanks for sharing,
      Evan & Gabby

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