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Saturday, May 28th, 2011:

Eddie Cler of Paul’s Machine and Welding stopped by the Tiny House to help install the stainless steel shower that he designed and built for us.

With a continued focus on minimizing our use of plastics, we were very interested in an alternative to the standard fiberglass shower unit. Finding a stainless steel shower enclosure became immediately attractive to us, but a quick internet search returned some sobering prices… -Getting into a custom-sized, commercially made stainless steel shower was going to be a few thousand dollars.

We were very fortunate to discover that one of our Camp Ondessonk co-workers had a brother and father who worked in their family’s machine shop business. We were able to enlist the help of some very talented and experienced folks to design a modular, custom-built stainless steel shower enclosure that would meet the needs of our tiny house nicely.

The footprint of the shower is 32″X32″X75″ and consists of a floor panel w/drain, 3 wall panels, and a ceiling panel. All fit together with an overlapping lip system to create water-tight joints and corners. Each panel is attached to the underlying mildew-resistant drywall using 100% silicone caulk as an adhesive. With all panels in place, a final bead of silicone will be drawn over all joints to seal everything up completely.

We are extremely pleased with the shower so far. While it was still a bit of an expense -and has added a lot more weight than fiberglass would have- we really couldn’t be happier!

A HUGE and heartfelt THANK YOU! goes out to Ed Cler for his help with this project. We certainly couldn’t have the shower we wanted in our tiny house without him. Words cannot describe the feeling we had when we heard Eddie say “You know, we can build this thing” when we described to him what we thought was probably going to end up being a pipe dream… He’s been an invaluable friend, teacher, and fearless supporter of this project. Thanks Eddie!


Comments on: "Beginning Shower Installation." (3)

  1. Brandon said:

    Can you add a finished shot?

    • You bet Brandon, when we get a spare moment to finish it!

      Thanks for your interest,
      Evan & Gabby

      • Brandon said:

        Great, thanks!

        I really admired the – skip the fiberglass – part, sounds like a creative solution. Still trying to decide on a possible stall for my Popomo!

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