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Storage Loft.

Thursday, May 19th, 2011:

Finished out the small storage space above the front door with some shelving and trim. This space is about 2′ X 8′ and will provide some storage solutions as we continue to maximize the limited available space in our tiny home.

Framed with 2X2’s, shelves cut from pine 1X12’s.

Comments on: "Storage Loft." (2)

  1. Heya!

    These pics with the fan made me think. If you’re using it to cool the space down, it would work better if you turned it around so that the fan blew hot air OUT that window and had downstairs windows open. This would cause cooler air to be pulled inside thru these lower windows and the hot air that raises into your ceiling area would then be pushed outside via the fan… it would give you a circle of air movement

    • Thanks for the suggestion Paula! As the summer looms ever closer, the idea of a circle of air movement is timely indeed.

      Evan & Gabby

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