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Porch Steps!

Saturday, May 21st, 2011:

Finally got around to building steps into the tiny house. No more rickety milk crates to stumble up and down…

We opted to use treated wood for framing due to the exposed nature of the steps. Of greatest concern: the bottom of the frame would be in constant contact with the ground. While we’re not the bigest fans of treated lumber, we did want steps that would last and hold up to the elements.

The frame was built using 3 treated pre-cut stringers with a 2′ rise and treated 2X6’s. We decked the steps with cedar 2X6’s and put the entire contraption together with 3″ coated deck screws.

We were thrilled to have family stop through for a quick visit on their cross-country road trip. Many Thanks to Jason and Deirdre Traylor for the great company and helping hands. Made building steps fun!!

Comments on: "Porch Steps!" (5)

  1. Since this is technically an “RV” I am curious what will happen to the steps when you are traveling. Can they be removed? Can’t wait to see the final inside pictures with your decorating and furniture. I am starting my little house in August. Noel

    • Hi Noel,

      These steps are completely stand-alone. When we do move, we plan to utilize a rental truck like a U-Haul. We’ll place the steps in the back with the rest of the ‘stuff’ that will make the cut to go with us.

      Good luck as you start your build!

      Evan & Gabby

  2. Could you include the information for your washer/dryer combination I know you are big in researching the best products for Energy, green and small house fits. THanks again.

    • Noel,

      We’ve been watching the Compact Appliance website. They have many different brands/sizes of these combo units come through over time. We are particularly interested in the LG 13lb model. It is available from time to time on this website.

  3. […] Evan & Gabby are building a beautiful Tumbleweed of their own. We’ll be sharing more details from their well-designed blog in the coming days. Until then, read all about the day they took the next step here. […]

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