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Friday, May 20th, 2011:

Enjoyed a visit from family this weekend, and had the opportunity to compare the size of our tiny house (20′) to a camp trailer of similar length (18′). The tiny house’s loft adds some significant height difference, but should still come in shorter than a semi-truck’s trailer, allowing for safe free-way passage.

Fun to have a side-by-side visual comparison!

Comments on: "A Tiny House Compared to a Camp Trailer." (8)

  1. I’d be interested about any comparison about the weight and towing experiences of the two.

    • So would we! We will be towing the tiny house for the first time straight to the weigh station down the road from us. The weight situation is always in the back of our minds at this point…

      The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company plans call for using a 5,000 to 7,000 lb utility trailer as the foundation for these houses. We opted for a 10,000 car-hauler type trailer. Given our choice to utilize more natural materials in our project, we will most likely be going over Tumbleweed’s estimated dry-weight.

  2. peter hewson said:

    well done—–veiwing as a ex-shepherd

    • Thanks Peter!

      We have been thrilled to be able to utilize wool for our insulation needs. We appreciate many aspects about it, including that it allows shepherds a new market for off-cuts.

  3. Kool comparison. Like Your tiny house the best…though. Built much better, and more practical for living in. Good luck at the weigh station!

  4. Linda Otto said:

    Are you all now living in your home? was wondering how you like the toliet, ? was wanting to make a small cabin that is more self sufficient and was wondering if this toliet is all you wanted , would it work in a basement even? Thanks Love your home and they updates ! any thing else you would do diferently?

    • Hi Linda, thanks for following our project!

      We are finding that our Biolet composting toilet is working as advertised. No odor, no leaks, just seems to work. Still figuring out the best temp at which to keep the heater/fan set. Tricky balance between too wet and too dry inside. Constantly adjusting, a bit of a learning curve.

      We are enjoying living in our tiny house immensely. We have been surprised at how natural and comfortable it has been- doesn’t feel like we are sacrificing anything at all!

      Evan & Gabby

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