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Cat Door.

Monday, April 4th, 2011:

As if two people intending to live in a tiny house isn’t adventure enough, there will also be two cats.

As simple a thing as where to keep the litter box can become challenging when working with such limited space. We have ultimately decided to create a little hidden cubby at the bottom of the entry way closet for this purpose.

Litter boxes, no matter how diligent you are at keeping them cleaned out, can be unpleasant. We wanted to keep ours low key, out of immediate sight, well contained, and of little impact on the tiny house experience as possible. We lined the small space with aromatic red cedar to help moderate any offensive odor. As well, Gabby envisioned a small cat door that would open upwards for accessing the litter box to clean/refill. When closed, the door would have a small opening for the cats to come and go, but would keep the litter from flying out into the house as they ambitiously set to their digging. (They really get into it)

On an interesting side note: Gabby was able to find a stainless steel litter box and scoop to continue in our efforts to go as plastic-free in our tiny house as possible.


Comments on: "Cat Door." (9)

  1. Please reveal where you found the stainless steel litter box! I am also a cat lover who hates plastic and is looking at tiny houses.

  2. Gary Spoerre said:

    Do the cats like cedar?

    • Good question Gary, I suppose we’ll find out! We’ve used a pine sawdust litter in the past, and they didn’t mind it at all. They go in and out of the little cubby so far and don’t seem bothered by the cedar smell. Wish us luck!

  3. Really great ideas on the loft! Storage is always a BIG consideration, & I feel you have done an admkirable job on accomadating a place for things.
    The spot for the litter box, is super, & am sure the cats will like have a SS pan better….too. (I know ours would).
    Truly enjoy seeing your house come together, very well built, and looks GREAT too. Keep up the excellent work.
    What are your Cats names?

    • Thanks for your kind feedback Dave! It has been fun taking a deliberate look at how to best utilize the available space in the tiny house. It sets the tone for us to begin living more intentionally as we transition our lifestyle towards the more simple…

      Our cats are named Wayah (after a spot on the Appalachian Trail that we love in NC called Wayah Bald), and Ziegen (after one our favorite Texas beers, Ziegen Bock.) Thanks for your interest! We really enjoy having them in our lives.

  4. Hi Gabby and Evan,
    I started following your build a few weeks ago, great job everyone is doing. I have an idea about cat boxes in small spaces but have not yet implemented it in our house which is pretty small at 800SF. Using a computer CPU fan powered by a solar cell with a proper sized battery backup for night to provide a negative airflow in the box cubby. One would have to cut a hole to the outside and make sure it was weather and bug proof.
    This would sent the stink out and also provide a bit of an air exchange in the small house. Of course there would have to be that much air leakage or an airflow provided.
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the build!

  5. […] couple have even built an ingenious little cubby for their cats’ litter box that includes a cat-sized entry […]

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