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Sunday, April 3rd, 2011:

Spent an afternoon working with good friends inside the tiny house applying more of the first coat of tung oil.

In keeping with the spirit of using as many natural alternatives to petroleum-based products as possible, we chose to forgo a polyurethane finish on the interior knotty pine. Gabby did some research to find a more traditional, natural wood finishing product. She quickly discovered Tung Oil, and we’ve been very pleased with it so far. There is undeniable satisfaction in taking the deliberate time to apply a natural oil finish by hand.

It took a bit of looking to find a Tung Oil product that was 100% pure, with no chemical additives. A lot of products have added solvents and thinners. Gabby was able to find this particular product online at Wood Craft.

Many thanks to T.J. Goldsberry and Patrick Beezley! We are grateful for the company and helping hands. While the Tung Oil leaves a beautiful sheen on the knotty pine, it also leaves quite a sheen on the person applying it. As tiny as the house may be, rubbing the tung oil in by hand is quite an undertaking. Many hands do make light work. Thank You!

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