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Kitchen Cabinets.

Sunday, February 6th, 2011:

We purchased the refrigerator for the tiny house this weekend, allowing us to put it in place and begin designing the cabinetry around it. We went with Frigidaire’s 3.1 cubic ft. compact model.

Realizing in the very beginning that we would need to be going to a dorm room-style refrigerator, we both had a fairly specific product in mind: one that offered a separate freezer and not the kind with that tiny freezer ‘section’ inside the fridge. We did find a few products out there that had what we were looking for, all around the same price. This Frigidaire model is energy-star certified, is 115v (as we’re on a 30 amp system), and only draws 1.3 amps. Should fit quite nicely within our electrical consumption parameters.

As we began thinking about how to maximize the space available in the kitchen, we quickly realized that the area underneath the stove and countertop was going to be key. The mini fridge is only a little over 18″ wide, allowing for about 35″ of remaining open space that was 19″ deep and 34″ high, offering a total of a little over 13 cubic feet of storage space.

We built a rough cabinet frame using 2X2’s to be mindful of overall weight. A large portion of the space will be pine shelves much like the storage area by the sink. A smaller section will host a stack of drawers. We found a great storage solution product line called Rev-A-Shelf, and installed three stainless steel basket-drawers that pull out on very sturdy tracks.

As we continue to design and construct the kitchen area, we want to make the space as user-friendly as possible while being intentional about maximizing every inch of available space. One of the great things about this project is it really does require us to always be mindful and conscious of our consumption. Not just of materials and resources, but of the actual space itself…


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