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Sunday, January 23rd, 2011:

Finished the last two bathroom walls, completed the electrical work, and put the sleeping loft walls up.

The aromatic Red Cedar from the bathroom is filling the tiny house with the most pleasant smell, and the lights are filling it with the most pleasant glow! Today, the electrical work is officially a wrap. We’ve learned such a great deal throughout this phase of the project and, until now, had no idea how extremely satisfying it is to flip a switch and see that somewhere a light goes on -because you wired it to do just that! My, what we’ve taken for granted before learning what it actually takes to make things work…

Officially broke ground on the next large project: The sleeping loft. The end walls are up, and we’re ready to begin building the ‘upstairs’ closets and storage areas.


Comments on: "Bathroom complete, Power ON!" (7)

  1. I just got Jay’s e-mail featuring your house. Things are looking really good so far and I like how you are making certain choices like using 1×2’s etc, to lessen the weight.

    Nice touch using cedar in the bathroom too!

    As a safety precaution you might consider using safety glasses when using that jigsaw so close to your eyes.

    • Thank you for your kind feedback, and for your good advice. Yes, safety glasses are a very good suggestion. I’ll admit, I’ve gotten a bit lax here and there. It only takes one time! Thank you for the reminder…

  2. Do you have a shower?

    • Hi Tom,

      We will, it is still in progress. We had a stainless steel shower stall custom built by a friend’s family business, and have yet to install it. It is 32″X32″, and 75″ tall. We’re hoping to be able to find a good ultra-low-flow shower head for it as well.

  3. Hi! I am so intrigued by your house!!! I live in a 6,000 square foot beauty in connecticut … sort of the opposite idea, I suppose. We have four children, the oldest is five … perhaps in 20 years we can do something like this!

    Anyway, nice work. I’d love to see pics of your finished product.

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