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Gas, Tongue Oil & Steel.

Friday, December 31st, 2010: NEW YEARS EVE!

Hooked the low pressure regulator up to the propane tank and charged the gas system to check for leaks. Painted bubble solution onto all of the fittings and then looked for bubbles to form. The system checked out and is good to go!

Before kicking off our 6th annual New Year’s Eve gathering, we put some time into finishing the surface of the knotty pine interior walls. Many hands pitched in as friends began arriving for the evening, making the work quick!

To finish the interior walls, we are using tongue oil, rubbing it into the wood by hand with rags. We choose to use tongue oil as opposed to other wood-finishing products -such as polyurethane- to remain consistant in our desire to avoid petroleum-based materials in this project.

This traditional wood finishing oil is typically diluted with solvents, such as turpentine or other chemicals, but Gabby was able to find a jug of 100% pure tongue oil without any additives for our project. It produced a beautiful effect on the knotty pine, keeping the wood very light and delicate in color, but really allowing the grain to pop out. The oil will harden to a tough finish, and should keep our interior well protected.

As the evening festivities began Ed Cler arrived with our stainless steel countertops and shower pieces! Eddie designed and produced these items for us through his family’s business, Paul’s Machine and Welding Corp. in Villa Grove, IL. They look amazing, and we are excited to see them installed. Thanks Eddie!

Many thanks to Bob Coulson, Hunter Coulson, and Gail Close for their help with the gas line! As well, we are extremely grateful to Emma O’Brien, Kyle Klues, Jen Rheinecker, Josiah Redwood Garvey, Lindsay Rathnow, and Ryan from New Mexico for braving slimy hands to help us apply the tongue oil!


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