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Getting ready for the shower.

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010:

In preparation for the arrival of our stainless steel shower stall, we needed to create a moisture friendly/mildew resistant backing surface. Used 1/2″ Mold Tough Sheetrock for the job. Not too thrilled about the weight it will add, and wonder what fun chemicals they put in it to allow it to resist mold and mildew, but this seems to be the best option available after asking around for a couple of weeks.

Installing the sheets of drywall made putting in the wool insulation the way we have been doing it a bit challenging. The insulation was meant to be blown in after a plastic mesh was tacked up over the wall studs. We have gone to great lengths to avoid plastic in this project, so we’ve just been placing the insulation by hand behind the knotty pine boards as they go up. This wasn’t going to be an option behind the drywall, but putting up a plastic mesh really wasn’t something we were interested in, either.

Gabby and Larry Davis solved this problem by putting up a thin sheet of cotton over the wall studs where the drywall would be installed, essentially serving the same function as the plastic mesh… It worked. Sheets went up, insulation went in, and drywall was installed. We’re ready for the stainless steel!

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