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Gas line!

Sunday, December 26th, 2010:

The tiny house will have two propane appliances, a small two-burner stove for cooking and a small boat furnace to provide heat during the colder parts of the year.

To service these appliances, we installed flexible copper gas line, 1/2″ copper that will run from two medium sized outdoor BBQ style propane tanks into the house, and 3/8″ copper that then feeds each of the appliances.

We utilized a specialized low-pressure regulator coming off of the tanks to provide the correct gas pressure to the appliances. If a normal BBQ grill regulator is used, the appliances will get too much gas pressure and will be problematic. A shut-off valve was installed inside the kitchen as a precautionary measure.

We got a lot of help planning out how to get the propane from the tanks to the copper line in the house and wrapping our heads around the proper regulator needed in an RV application from Marvin at Kamper’s Supply in Carterville, IL. These folks have been fantastic in filling in the gaps in our knowledge on the RV side of the tiny house construction needs. They’ve been instrumental in getting us the proper supplies for gas and electrical service, and gray water discharge and collection. Can’t recommend them highly enough!

As we knew this was a very particular part of the construction process with very real consequences if done improperly, we needed someone with specialized knowledge and experience with gas lines to help with the installation. Every brass fitting needed to be placed exactly, and every bend in the line done with care. Many, MANY thanks to Bob Coulson for the days of planning leading up to this project, and for working 9 hours straight getting this line in safely for us. We are so very grateful!

More thanks go out to Eric Brennan for helping figure out how to install the boat furnace and to Hunter Coulson for putting in a long day helping stuff wool insulation, putting pipes together, nailing up knotty pine, and taking great photos of the work…

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  1. Looks cool! Hey, if flexible copper gas line is anything like CSST for natural gas, don’t forget to bond your gas line to your electrical panel (which should be grounded with a grounding rod outside). Just an annoying FYI from a home inspector. šŸ˜‰

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