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Stainless Steel Water Tank!

Thursday, December 16th, 2010:

Our custom built stainless steel potable water storage tank arrived today! We have made a considerable effort to avoid plastic and petroleum-based materials in this project, and the container that will hold our drinking water was no exception.

It turned out to be a bit challenging to find a water storage tank that was not plastic. Most companies that produced stainless steel tanks were offering large scale industrial products that made no sense in a tiny home. Prices were outrageous as well. Getting desperate for a non plastic container to store our drinking water in, we considered utilizing recycled beer kegs, round pressure tanks, and even glass. After weeks of searching, we were able to find a tank company out of Sand Point, ID that was willing to make such a small, custom sized tank.

A lot of consideration went into the planning of the tank. It needed to hold enough water to be useful, but also compact enough to fit under the counter of a tiny kitchen. Eventually we came up with the dimensions for a tank that holds approximately 30 gallons and fits neatly under the sink with room for the future washer/dryer combo unit…

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