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Propane Heater!

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010:

Our propane boat heater has arrived! This is one of the design features of the Tumbleweed Tiny Houses that really caught our eye when first looking into them. Really sharp looking way to efficiently heat these little places.

This is the Newport P-9000 by Dickson Marine, made in Canada. It is billed as a marine boat heater, but is what Tumbleweed is recommending for their tiny houses. We’re excited to see this installed!


Comments on: "Propane Heater!" (2)

  1. Have you had any problems with water getting in your heater because you vented through the wall and not through the roof?

  2. Hi Steve,

    Not yet that we know of. Also, the roof overhangs the wall just enough that the vent should be covered for the most part. We’ll see, though, as time goes on…

    Thanks for stopping by,
    Evan & Gabby

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