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Preparing for plumbing.

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010:

Preparing to start the plumbing the project!

Needed to cut some holes in the side of the tiny house to make way for the water intakes and output. It was nerve wracking, to say the least, to cut holes into something we’ve worked so hard on! A deep breath, a hole cutting saw, and it was done. The fittings were a breeze to install, and we’re now ready to begin putting in the copper water piping!

We will have two sources of potable water, allowing us to be prepared for whatever situation regarding water availability we may find ourselves in. One is a direct-line hookup to a city/campground water source. We’ll simply connect a hose from a spigot directly to a pressure regulating fitting on the side of the tiny house. This line will go straight into the plumbing, providing pressure to the entire system. If we don’t have direct access to city water, or are worried about a hose freezing solid in the winter, we will also have the option to use our 30 gallon water storage tank as a refillable or backup source. There is a small RV water pump that will draw water from the tank and provide pressure to the entire system.

Grey water will drain out to a removable/portable 30 gallon storage tank that will sit under the tiny house.

Comments on: "Preparing for plumbing." (2)

  1. I’m guessing your pump is AC since the rest of the house is?

  2. Yes, it sure is. Shurflow had both a DC and an AC option…

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