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Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010:

Now that the holes are cut and the fittings in place, we were able to put in the knotty pine wall, wool insulation, and then install the fittings that tie the system together. With this foundation laid, we are now ready to put in all of the copper supply and PVC drainage lines!

We opted to use the heavier and more costly copper piping for our water supply to continue in the direction of avoiding plastic, particularly in areas where human consumption is involved. To avoid some of the more common freezing challenges of copper pipe, we are not running the pipes inside of the walls, instead placing all of our plumbing on the interior, hidden under the sink.

We went ahead with PVC for the drainage system due to the size of the pipe (1 1/2″ compared to 1/2″ for the supply lines) and the fact that it is a very small section of pipe that will only come into contact with waste water. We’d prefer not to have it in the tiny house at all, but reasonable compromises do often need to be made.

Many thanks to Eric Brennan for his knowledgable help with the plumbing!

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