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Deck Railing.

Sunday, December 12th, 2010:

Made great progress toward completing the front deck today. We ripped some 8′ Cedar 2×4’s down on the table saw to make 2×2’s for uprights along the deck railing. Did some quick math to ensure their exact and evenly spaced placement, then secured them to the deck framing with 2 1/2″ coated deck screws.

The weather is getting more and more challenging for outside work as we dip into the winter months in Southern Illinois. First snow storm of the season made working cold -but pretty. The high was 25 degrees, and the wind was biting and relentless. A few gusts were so strong they blew the box of screws over (more than once), scattering them into the snow! We put up a tarp shelter to block some of the wind and to keep snow off the saw which worked fairly well, though at times we thought it might rip to shreds the wind was so fierce!

The deck will be one of the last few outside projects as we work more and more on the interior details. Great timing!


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  1. Looking good you guys!!

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