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Sunday, November 28th, 2010:

Finished up the last bit of trim on the front and got the last of the cedar siding put up! It is extremely rewarding to step back and see the Tiny House completely sided. Looks sharp!

Made some progress inside as well: got the other gable wall covered with knotty pine and began laying out the plans for installing the Propane gas line.

Thanks go out to Bob and Hunter Coulson for their help and company today!

Comments on: "Finishing the Front of the Tiny House!" (2)

  1. Dear Gabby & Evan:

    We had dinner here last evening with Daniel and he E-Mailed the link on your Tiny House this morning.

    I think it’s a great idea, and had seen material on it in the press and on the Web. Jean and I also saw the house from a distance when we were down for Colleen’s Baptism.

    Minimalist living has always appealed to me, but I have violated almost every precept of doing so, with an old 13 room house (built in 1885 with yellow pine) and excessive baggage and non-essential clutter is everywhere, a lot of which is because of my clinging neurotically to things I have absolutely no use for, in the process of raising the family (Daniel was the neatest) and now 9 grandchildren.

    Why does it appear, at least on the early photos, that Gabby appears to be doing most of the work? I hope this isn’t a typical male ruse by Evan to cop out and hide in the office, like I do on occasion.

    We’ll keep up to date on your progress, we compliment you for it, and I wonder if you might have rental space for Old Man Bill if Jean kicks me out of our joint.

    Our whole extended family may, and I repeat may, do Xmas at Camp O, upon Daniel’s invitation, and I can’t wait to get permission, if we do, from Chef Drew, to glory in the professional kitchen like I got to do at Thanksgiving a few years ago……..the highlight of my amateur culinary career.

    Based on your example, I’ll try to start thinking small, but I don’t know if I can bear to rid myself of 45 years of detritus and debris at my office and at home. (Do you think you could make room for a double-oven professional stove, a wok burner, a 24′ frig, 10+ pieces of cookware, at least 15 pieces of cutlery, a pro dishwasher, food warmer, double sink , chopping block and deep fryer in your place if I get kicked out of mine?)

    Best Wishes,

    Bill King

    • Bill, in a word: YES.

      We’d love all of those fancy kitchen items along with your company and culinary expertise. We may, however, need to use a shrink ray on the lot.

      Thank you for your kind feedback and support!

      Evan & Gabby

      ps- You’re on to me. Gabby DOES do most of the work… 😉

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