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Continuing the Loft Walls.

Sunday, November 21st, 2010:

Continued putting up the knotty pine and wool insulation in the loft. With the gable wall complete we put a 2×2 strip in place on each side of the gable where the rafter lies behind the gable wall tongue and groove thus creating a terminal nailing surface for the side walls.

Following examples we’d seen from other tiny house builders, we used 2″ screws to put the knotty pine up on the gable wall. They stuck out like a sore thumb. Dan King stopped by as we were working yesterday and suggested we use a pneumatic finish nail gun which would allow the walls to look a lot more clean and finished. We have been using screws in everything in the tiny house due to the forces and vibrations that will be placed on it when it travels down the road. Dan suggested adding a dob of liquid nails construction adhesive behind the tongue and groove at each stud to back up the nails. We took him up on the suggestion and not only did it look MUCH better, but went so much more quickly!

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