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Beginning the Knotty Pine.

Saturday, November 20th, 2010:

Began work on the interior of the Tiny House this weekend by putting up the knotty pine paneling on the loft gable wall. Putting the tongue and groove up on this wall first in particular was crucial as it will allow us to then build out a nailing surface for the adjacent walls of the loft when it comes time to put them up. This is due to the way the rafters are laid out for the roof…

As each board went up, we stuffed a layer of wool insulation behind, thus allowing us to insulate the loft without the need to use the plastic mesh that would be required if we blew the insulation in all at once. A little extra work, but its an area we can make a choice to avoid using plastic that would be behind every wall surface in our tiny home. On a side note -it’s pretty cool that we can put in insulation without having to wear protective gear or clothing. We love the choice to use wool!

Wrapped up the evening by putting two coats of polyurethane on our Birch front door. This is an area that we are conceding the use of a petroleum-based product. Being as the door is a barrier to the external elements, we knew we needed to use a solid, weather resistant product, and were unable to find a solid natural alternative…

Thanks goes out to Larry Davis for his help with finishing the front door!


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