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The Front Door!

Friday, November 19th, 2010:

We drove to Belleville, IL to pick up our custom built front door today!

The front door had proved to be one of the more challenging aspects of the project. A regular sized door (or even the smaller doors) that are readily available at home improvement stores are just too big for the needs of a Tiny House. We needed a very small, unconventionaly sized door that was made out of quality materials as it would be the the only barrier between the Tiny House and the elements.

Given the specialized knowledge required to build a quality door, and the unusual dimensions that a tiny house calls for, our limited construction skills were not going to lend themselves well to building the door ourselves. A friend and skilled finish carpenter, Jim Shively, recommended Liese Lumber in Belleville, IL for the job.

Jim gave them the dimensions and we had a custom built Birch door ready to pick up in under a week! This little door was fairly pricy, but Liese was able to do it for half the cost of the many places we looked into around the country, and in a fraction of the time…

A HUGE THANK YOU TO JIM SHIVELY for guiding us throughout the search for a custom built front door!

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