Beginning a journey to live more simply…

Today Gabby put the Cedar siding up on the front loft gable while I began caulking the other end of the tiny house. We wrapped up the day by painting the weather treatment on the siding and the rest of the porch.

Before we shut down for the night, The Electrician-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named stopped by and hooked up the five circuits we wired the other evening to the breaker box. We are setting the tiny house up to run on a 110 volt, 30 amp system -allowing us to be able to plug into either a camp ground or just an extension cord running from a friend’s house.

Thanks anonymous electrician friend!

Comments on: "Sunday, November 7th: Siding the Front Loft Gable and Starting the Caulking Project…" (5)

  1. Nice job on your building your home. What type of water heater are you going to use? What type of washer/dryer are you going to use?


    • Hi Steve,

      We have installed an Ariston 6+ point-of-use electric water heater and are planning on purchasing and installing a compact combo washer/dryer much like this one, though we have decided on the LG 13 lb model based on the feedback we’ve found during our research.

  2. Question: Where is your DC converter for running the Dickinson stove fan? Do you ever plan on adding solar?

    • Hi there Ethan,

      We used a used AC/DC wall converter, simply cut the jack end off and wired it directly to the Dickinson’s wires. Solar was part of the original dream, then reality of costs hit. Maybe some day?

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Evan & Gabby

      • Thanks! That’s really helpful. So I guess all your other appliances are AC, or did you have to do the same for your hot water heater?

        Like you, I’m realizing the staggering cost of solar will not be feasible for the project. So, I’m going to go with AC everywhere. However, the hot water heater and the furnace require DC. So I’m going back and forth on whether I should get a central converter with a fuse box, or just convert AC to DC right at the appliance itself. Hmmmm.

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