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Lots of prep work to get the front loft gable ready for siding…

First, we placed a strip of galvanized tin flashing between the wall and porch roof to keep rain from running down the front of the house. Next we placed some 2×4 blocking inside the gable end to create solid places for the siding nails to bite into. Once the blocking was in place, we cut and placed some thin luan plywood to create a small air space between the siding and the wall sheathing. Once that was in place, we put up the 1×4 cedar trim. NOW we’re ready for siding!

Another project that’s been on the list was furring out the interior loft gable walls. Until today they were just the thickness of the 2×4 rafters -on end (so 1 1/2″ thick). We need these walls to be 3 1/2″ thick, like the rest of the walls, to allow enough space for the wool insulation to do it’s job. So, we got creative and furred them out by placing a strip of 1/2″ plywood on the existing 2×4’s, and then a second layer of 2×4 on that, creating a 3 1/2″ thick ‘sandwich’. Creative, but more importantly, it worked.

Thanks goes out to Jim Shively, who is helping us arrange for a custom built front door!

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