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Taking advantage of one of the last few warm, sunny days, we got the rollers and paint brushes back out to apply the second coat of our water/UV protective coating for the siding. This second coat went up much faster than the first, for sure.

Next, on to framing the porch roof. The rafters proved to be a bit of a challenge. Determining the angle to cut the ends and match the ‘nest’ that rests over the header was tricky. Due to the small rise and distance, our slope angle turned out to only be 5 degrees. Rain is going to run off no problem, but snow may be another matter. Might have to shovel it off by hand!

We’re framing the entire porch with Cedar due to its weather exposure. And the fact that we’re in love with Cedar.

Thanks to Ricky Kicielinski for his help with framing and for rocking out the roller, making that second coat of sealer go up FAST!


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