Beginning a journey to live more simply…

Putting up the siding a few weeks ago really made this project feel real for us for the first time. We had that same feeling again this evening as we sat back and admired the tangled mess of wiring now poking through all of our electrical outlet boxes…

A friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been offering us his professional electrician skills and got us started on the wiring. Lots of holes were drilled throughout the evening and lots of wiring was run.

We used 250′ of 14-2 wire for the majority of our outlet and light boxes, about 20′ of 14-3 for an area that we wanted to control with switches in two different locations, about 10′ of 12-2 to provide a dedicated circuit for our washer/dryer combo unit, and 25′ of 8-3 as our feed from the outside. All of this is fed through a small 125 amp pannel box utilizing 4 15-amp breakers and 2 20-amp breakers.

Many thanks to Eric Brennan and the Electrician-who-must-not-be-named for their help this evening! Next step: installing the outlets and switches!


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