Beginning a journey to live more simply…

Today we officially broke ground on the electrical phase of the project, as we installed the electrical outlet boxes in preparation for running the wiring.

Instead of using the more common blue plastic boxes, we have chosen to go with the heavier (and more expensive) metal boxes. This may add about 10 lbs. to the overall weight of the tiny house, but is in keeping with our goal of finding alternative materials to plastic when available. Utilizing natural or non-plastic / non-petrochemical building components has been an important factor of this project from the beginning, and as an intentional goal informs all of our decisions along the way.

We got our knotty pine tongue & groove in this weekend, and were able to use a small piece to place the depth of each box just right. Very handy trick!

Gabby and I wrapped up the day by framing one of our kitchen counter tops (the one where our kitchen sink will reside). The footprint of the kitchen is really starting to take shape!

On a fun side note: Gabby celebrated her 31st birthday Saturday, and received a really cool gift– an old-fashioned coffee grinder from Red Rooster Trading Company out of Missouri. When we move into our tiny home, this fantastic hand built kitchen tool will be replacing our plastic made-in-China grinder (that has recently been re-homed in a garage sale as we continue to down-size our belongings). Being made of glass, metal, and wood, it is both simple and beautiful. Most striking, however, is the fact that it is REAL. It seems like it is harder and harder to find real these days….


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