Beginning a journey to live more simply…

The Oregon Shepherd Natural Wool Insulation for our walls and ceiling arrived tonight. The floor insulation came in a couple large cardboard boxes, so we were a bit surprised when a semi truck rolled in dropping off a HUGE bag of the material on a large pallet. Wow!

Wrapped up the last bit of interior wall framing for the lower level, began formulating a plan for the porch roof, and then completed a walk-through with a local electrician to plan our electrical needs and layout.

PROGRESS CHECK IN -Just before turning in for the night, we took a moment to lay out the next steps for our tiny house project:

Paint on 2nd coat of Water Seal and UV-Treatment.
Construct and install the Custom Built Door and Trim.
Design and construct the Porch Roof.
Install Cedar Siding on the front.
Install Corner Tin and Facia on roof peak.
Build and install Cedar Sofetting.
Caulk Exterior Windows and Seams.
Seal Windows and Interior Seams.
Install Electrical Boxes.
Run Wiring.
Intall Switches, Outlets, and Lights.
Frame Counter Tops and Desk.
Install Custom Stainless Steel Shower Stall and Countertops.
Install Stainless Steel Bar Sink.
Lay out and Install Plumbing.
Install Composting Toilet and Vent.
Design and Frame Loft Storage Areas.
Install Wool Insulation and Tongue and Groove Knotty Pine.
Design and Build Kitchen Cupboards and Drawers.
Treat all interior wood with Tongue Oil.
Install Tongue and Groove Aromatic Red Cedar Closet Lining in Bathroom.
Finish out Book Shelves, Pantry, and Closets.
Install Propane Stove.
Install Propane Tankless Water Heater.
Install Propane Heater.
Run Gas Lines to Heater, Tankless Water Heater, and Stove.
Design and Build Great Room Seating/Storage Bench Seat.
Install Eastern Red Cedar Flooring.
Move in Mini Fridge and Washer/Dryer Combo Unit.
Move in Loft Mattress and Bench Seat Mattress.
Move in Us.

Still A LOT to do!!

With the shell mostly up and weather proof, we can take our time as we begin digging in to the massive interior project. If anyone would like to join us for any part of this tiny adventure, please jump right in!


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