Beginning a journey to live more simply…

It seems that we’ve finished the shell just in time… A thunderstorm rolled in this evening, soaking a bone-dry Southern Illinois and making quite the wonderful sound against the tiny tin roof. We were stoked (and super grateful) that it held off ’till the very last minute for us, as we’ve had really nothing but dry weather the entire time we’ve been constructing the shell!

As the rain came down we moved our efforts inside and began the framing of the interior walls. All of the walls, except the one separating the bathroom from the kitchen, are conveniently located under floor joists for the loft or entry way shelf, allowing them to be secured at the top where they stand.

We have opted for a more custom layout, departing just a bit from the Tumbleweed plans. We’ve chosen to situate the bathroom along the back wall of the house (front of the trailer), and utilize a more open kitchen area with counter tops running along both sides of the house. Doing so has required us to build in some extra bracing to attach the bathroom wall’s header to. We also placed some extra bracing in between the exterior wall studs where interior walls (for closets and counter tops) will terminate. This will give us something to secure the tung and grove wood wall covering to at these intersections when the time comes. Prior proper planning prevents poor performance, no?

The interior walls are framed up with 2×2’s as opposed to traditional 2×4’s, and is done to shave weight. This should be more than adequate for the small spans they will cover. We will, however, use 2×4’s when framing up the kitchen counters, due to the extra weight they may have put on them from time to time and to support constant daily use.

By the end of our evening we placed all of the bracing where it will be needed, and have completed framing the bathroom wall! Our bathroom will be tiny, but quite usable at over 80″ long and 32″ wide. We are having a stainless steel shower stall custom built at 32″x32″, and plan to use red cedar closet lining material to finish out the interior bathroom walls. Should look (and smell) really nice once it’s all said and done!


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