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We spent another gloriously sunny fall day painting the weatherproofing finish onto the cedar siding. The first coat soaked right in, and we will be putting on a second coat some time later this week most likely. The cedar was pretty bright, with an almost patchwork look of light and dark warm red and brown tones before we got started. The finish went on cloudy and opaque, but then dried clear and darkened it all up just a bit, to an almost sepia color. It looks like it has evened out all of the tones a bit and really highlighted all of the knotts and textures. The wood grain is still quite present, and overall the little place is looking rather handsome.

Thanks to Larry Davis and Lucia Hodges for grabbing a paintbrush and jumping in with us today!


Comments on: "Monday, October 11th: Weather-proofing the Cedar Siding" (2)

  1. What product did you use?

    • Hi Megan,

      We used Flood CWF-UV, Clear color. It came highly recommended by builders we know, and we’ve been very pleased with it so far. We’d recommend it as well.

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Evan & Gabby

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