Beginning a journey to live more simply…

With both sides covered last night, the back of the tiny house took center stage today. Once again, it went up quite nicely. A few tricky cuts around the windows and the angle cuts along the roof pitch added to the excitement of getting to see what our tiny home is going to look like. It feels so much more real now!

Once all three walls were sided we turned to the inside of the tiny house to begin laying out the locations of the interior walls. The front of the house will have to wait for siding until we can install a custom-built front door and frame up the front porch roof…

From this point, we will just have to seal the siding with a weather protection product, put the corner tin on the roof, and complete the cedar facia and soffet for the shell to be complete!

Many thanks to Emma O’brien, Kyle Kluse, Sam Rueter, Tim Coffey, Kalie McGinnis, Beth Marcoot, and Richard Haas for their help with the project today!


Comments on: "Sunday, October 10th: Wrapping up the siding project!" (1)

  1. Emily Steinhauer said:

    Looking great guys! What an exciting project.

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