Beginning a journey to live more simply…

Many hands made light work of getting the cedar siding on. Once we got into a rhythm, the project hummed right along. Both sides of the tiny house have been sided, and the back wall is prepped for Sunday…

We used 8″ Unfinished Bevel Cedar Siding, going with about a 1″ overlap and fastened each board with twisted shank nails. We debated a long time over using nails or screws. We’ve used screws in every part of the project to date, as they will take the abuse of traveling down the road much better than nails, so going with nails at this point felt a little weird. We were advised to use the nails to minimize splitting potential, as the siding is so thin as it gets closer to the top. More importantly, screws can evidentially turn the cedar black over time where they touch the wood, creating black streaks that will run down the siding from each screw. Using triple galvanized nails will prevent that unsightly mess. So, the verdict is still out on if the nails will hold up to the challenges of road travel. We’ll see…

The most challenging part, by far, was the precision cuts on the boards around the wheel wells. We created a pattern by tracing the wheel wells onto a piece of large cardboard. A lot of intricate measuring then informed us where to place the pattern on each board as needed. A quick pass with the jigsaw, and the wheels wells were cut out! It took a lot of set up, but the cut went quickly and smoothly. The siding sits right up against the curve of the wheel wells, and looks rather sharp! Cutting around the windows was the next challenge. Again, some deliberate measuring and a jigsaw, and up it went.

A HUGE Heartfelt Thank You goes out to Kyle Klues, Emma O’brien, Eric Brennan, Tim Coffey, James Weiman, Sam Reuter, Lucia Hodges, Larry Davis, James Holloway, and Sam Sawicki for helping us get the siding project well underway!


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